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Birdie Boy Golf performance wear not only performs great, but looks great too. You’ll always find great-looking styles and colors built for comfort, beauty, durability and performance. We’ve incorporated the latest technology into our performance wear, so golfers stay cooler, dryer, less restricted, and protected from the sun. Materials include state-of-the-art moisture-wicking technology, built-in SPF protection, and mechanical stretch to allow for maximum comfort.


Look good, perform great.


Frequently Asked

  • What makes Birdie Boy Golf performance wear different than other brands?
    Birdie Boy Golf performance wear boasts great-looking designs made with the latest technology built for comfort and protection. Our materials have moisture-wicking technology, built-in SPF protection for warmer climates, and mechanical stretch to allow for maximum comfort. Our Jr. golf performance line not only performs great – but looks great too.
  • Your colors and styles are beautiful, will you be getting more?"
    At present, Birdie Boy Golf performance wear is available in a variety of great-looking styles and colors that are timeless, so they’ll look fashionable for years to come. We'll be adding new styles and colors with the seasons so make sure to visit our store periodically to see our new inventory.
  • Why is comfort so important in golf apparel?
    We get that when a golfer is comfortable, he’s better able to concentrate on his swing. Birdie Boy Golf performance wear is designed to do just that. Say adios to pulling and tugging and itching—we’ve incorporated the latest technology in all of our designs so golfers are cooler, dryer, less restricted and protected by the sun. Yippee-i-o-ki-yay.
  • Birdie Boy Golf is awesome, but what about clothes for girls?"
    Thanks, we think so too. Yes! We’re working on a Jr. line for girls – so check back soon. And, P.S. – We’ve seen lots of girls wear our Birdie Boy’s Golf performance wear (for boys) too!


Birdie Boy Golf LLC is a family-run business, developed by Amy and Peter Mirata. Amy and Peter have two boys, Hunter and Easton—who love to play golf, but it wasn’t long until they noticed their clothes played a big role in their ability to enjoy themselves on the links. Their clothes were hot, itchy, and restrictive, distracting them from the game. As parents, Amy and Peter were also concerned with the hours their kids spent in the hot sun and how miserable they (and their clothes) looked at the end of the day. After a few years and a lot of research Birdie Boy Golf was born. 


Birdie Boy Golf delivers a line of great looking performance wear for junior golfers with the latest technology including moisture-wicking technology, built-in SPF protection, and mechanical stretch to allow for maximum comfort, durability and beauty. Amy and Peter‘s  kids love their new golf clothes, and we think yours will too. Birdie Boy Golf is for boys, but lots of girls wear our performance wear too. 


Next up: Birdie Girl Golf!



Our Brand Promise

Integrity, Quality, Performance

Golfers can trust the Birdie Boy Golf brand to deliver great-looking styles with the latest technology that provides the comfort, durability ,and performance they’re looking for in performance wear. If for any reason your purchase doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll happily refund your money, no questions asked.  


See our Return Policy


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